Foods, remedy from frog

Not only frog is a kind of foodstuff popular, delicious, high in nutritional value, but also it is a medication originally. Foods – ...

Not only frog is a kind of foodstuff popular, delicious, high in nutritional value, but also it is a medication originally. Foods – remedy from frog very good for people have a body breakdown; they have just been ill; senior citizen and children eat less, malnourished.
The investigation into component, frog has protein, fatty substance, sugar, calcium, photpho, kalium, natrium, iron, magnesium, zinc, selen, vitamin A, vitamin B, D, E, biotin, caroten,…. The traditional medicine, frog has taste sugared, not poisonous, help recover one’s health, full-blooded, diuretic, children’s malnutrition, high temperature, tuberculosis, itchs,…
Many foods, remedy use frog :
To foster one’s strength, have just been ill : frog 100g, clean and cut it, dry with onion. Or frog 100g, embalm a little soy sauce, sugar, ginger, then sulfurization. Eat in family meal, once a day. Continue a week.
Antifebrile detoxicate, control children’s pimple in summer : frog 100g, amomum powder 5g, a jacket collar lining, ordinary rice 150g. Cooked frog gruel and give amomum powder, jacket collar lining was covered the pot. Stew 5 minutes, get cold, throw jacket collar lining, wedge spices. To children eat for breakfast.
Children breakdown,  have indigestion, difficult to digest : frog 100g, ordinary rice 100g. To slaughter frog, cleaned, cut piece of frog, embalmed spices, put into pot and cook. Wash the rice and slow-cook, wedge onion, spices, instant, once a day. Eat in a week.
To fortify the kidneys, polyuria at night : a frog 100g, pepper 9g, codonopsis 9g, medlar seeds 15g. To slaughter frog, cut head, foots, skin, viscera, cut a piece and put into pot with spices, well-stewed, wedge spices. Anyone has low-temperature on vesica, who shouldn’t eat them.
To fortify the kidneys, virility : frog, clavaria, sparrow, the same amount. Dry and eat with rice. Can be eaten regularly.
Cooked frog and china squash, it’s good for diabetic.
To be treated diabetes by kidney-liver damaged : frog 100g, china squash 200g, garlic, spices barely. China squash was sharpened, cut thin. To heat oil and dry garlic, put china squash and frog into pot, add water to it, slow-cooked about 30 minutes, wedge spices and eat. Using on meals. 2 or 3 times a week. Uses : to refresh oneself with drink, to decrease amount of sugar in blood,…
Note : Frog live in the field so they usually have tapeworm larvas, processing food should know that guarantee safety : cleaned innards, take the nerve and throw out to eliminate parasite can be in it, clean with salt, cooked for a long time to reduce parasitic worms.


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