Top-25 Beautiful Moroccan Women. Photo Gallery

Unlike other North African countries, the government of Morocco has access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This cou...

Unlike other North African countries, the government of Morocco has access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. This country is located between Africa and Europe, a place where East meets West. Morrocco population are Arabs (about 60%) and Berber (40%). A small percentage of accounts for the Europeans and the Jews. This is the third in the world in terms of population after the Arabic-speaking countries of Egypt and Sudan. Second language after Arabic in Morocco - French.The Top 25 most beautiful Moroccan women includes well-known actress, singer, model, winner of beauty contests with Moroccan roots, living in Morocco and beyond.
25. Karima Adebibe (14 February 1985) - Moroccan and English actress and fashion model.
Карима Эдебайб английская актриса фото

24. Sofia Essaidi (6 August 1984 Casablanca) - French-Moroccan singer. She was born to a Moroccan father and a French mother.
Sofia Essaidi is a French-Moroccan singer photo
23. Morjana Alaoui (1983) - Moroccan/American actress. She is famous for her roles in Marock and Martyrs.
Morjana Alaoui is a Moroccan/American actress picture
22. Laila Rouass (22 June 1971) - English actress, best known for the TV series "Primeval". Born in a family of Moroccan and Indian.
Laila Rouass English actress TV series Primeval photo
21. Iman Albani / Iman El Bani (1988) is a Moroccan actress, Miss Maroccan 2006
Iman Albani Miss Maroccan 2006 photo
20. Sofia Jamal (1994) - is a Moroccan model.
Sofia Jamal is a Moroccan model photo
19. Sofia Pernas (31 July 1989, Fes, Morocco) - American actress. Her unique look is attributed to a Moroccan mother and Galician father.

Sofia Pernas American actress from Maroccan photo
18. Ibtissam Ittouchane  (1992) - Moroccan model.
Ibtissam Ittouchane beauty Moroccan model photo
17. Loubna El Bekri (10 April 1985) - Moroccan and English actress and fashion model.
Loubna El Bekri Moroccan and English actress photo
16. Maryam Hassouni (September 21, 1985) - Dutch television and film actress of Moroccan origin. In 2006 she won an International Emmy Award for her role in Offers (2005).
Maryam Hassouni Dutch actress of Moroccan origin photo
15. Amelle Berrabah (22 April 1984) - British singer, songwriter and former member of the Sugababes who replaced founding member Mutya Buena in the group in December 2005. Berrabah was born to Moroccan parents.
Amelle Berrabah British singer of the Sugababes photo
14. Lamiaa Alaoui - Moroccan model.
Lamiaa Alaoui most beautiful Moroccan woman photo
13. Amina Allam (3 Jule 1986) - Moroccan model, born to Moroccan father and Finnish mother.
Amina Allam sexy Moroccan model picture
12. Wiame Dahmani (1992) - Moroccan National Actress, Singer, Tv Host.
Wiame Dahmani Moroccan National Actress photo
11. Nadja Benaissa (26 April 1982) - German recording artist, television personality, and occasional actress.
Nadja Benaissa sexy Maroccan girl photo
10. Nadia Fares (20 December 1973) - French actress.
Nadia Fares French actress from Maroccan photo
9. Mona Amarsha (January 1, 1988) - Moroccan singer who sings mainly Khaleeji music. She is very popular among the Gulf countries.
Mona Amarsha beautiful Moroccan singer photo
8. Sofia El Marikh (October 15, 1981) - Moroccan musician and entertainer. She was a contestant on Star Academy I.
Sofia El Marikh nice singer from Moroccan photo
7. Shiri Appleby (December 7, 1978) - American actress. Her mother is Sephardic Moroccan Jewish.

Shiri Appleby American actress of Moroccan Jewish photo
6. Ihssane Atif - is a Moroccan fashion model and actress.
Ihssane Atif Moroccan fashion model pictures
5. Linor Abargil (February 17, 1980) - Israeli actress, model and beauty queen who won the Miss World 1998.
Moroccan Jewish girl Linor Abargil Miss World 1998 photo
4. Fadoua Lahlou (8 September, 1984) - Moroccan model.
Fadoua Lahlou beauty Moroccan girl photo
3. Sara Chafak (October 25, 1990) - Finnish beauty pageant winner who was crowned Miss Suomi 2012 and represented Finland in Miss Universe 2012.

Maroccan beauty Sara Chafak Miss Suomi 2012 photo
2. Zineb Obeid (1 August 1985) - Moroccan actress and TV presenter.
Zineb Obeid Moroccan TV presenter photo
1. Mayssa Maghrebi (1980, Morocco) - Moroccan actress who starred in dramatic films of Arab cinema, especially popular in the Gulf states. Actress is called "Arab Kim Kardashian." Mayssa lover of traditional Arab clothes, so well known in the Arab world under the name "Princess of abaya". See also: Muslim womens dresses: abaya and kaftan
Mayssa Maghrebi most beautiful Moroccan actress photo
Mayssa Maghrebi in maroccan kaftan photo


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